For Student Recruitment

Zero-effort with significant results

Doing good for your students is the key to boost your numbers. With Goin', your students will have a safe, ethical and fun way to find out who is goin' or considering goin' to your university. Our algorithms ensure that meaningful connections bring significant results.

Boost conversion after the offer

At Uppsala University, we've seen that providing offer holders with meaningful connections, lead to a significant boost of conversion (> 50% up)

Get valuable insights into your prospective students

By analyzing aggregated data, we can estimate the enrolment probability and influence the likelihood of starting. Additionally, it has brought insights in the key factors for students to enrol or not.

Use student needs for your campagins

At Utrecht University we learned a lot about the student’s needs and most active groups, bringing interesting content and ideas for future campaigns.

Boost diversification among the population

Goin' makes it easier than ever for minorities with similar characteristics or interests to find each other and create meaningful friendships. This resulted in a boost for diversification at Cardiff University.

Promote student housing support

Finding housing comes with a lot of stress and insecurities. At multiple Dutch universities, we've increased the chance on finding housing by smartly connecting students on our platform, thus boosting satisfaction & conversion.

Too good to be true?

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How we build an ethical community at your uni


We build your exclusive, safe and closed university environment, invite-only


You communicate the invite to your prospective and current students


Students will directly connect in the application based on their interests, study, campus, country or whatever you can think of!


New cycle? Communicate the invitation again and prospective students will be engaged through the existing community

What do students say about us

"One big thing that the Goin’ app does is it takes the "wait" away. I don't have to wait until August to meet everyone, I can just start the college experience now! It has taken away the anxiety of not knowing who you're going to meet when you arrive at campus which is also a big help! I have received tremendous support and answers from other students via the group chats about my application and general questions about the campus which is great!"


Uppsala University

"It's so easy to find, chat to people, and see what courses they're doing instead of searching and scrolling through massive social media groups. I love the fact that can we get to introduce ourselves with the little profile introductions, which also makes it so easy to find people with similar interests or the same nationality. I've really been enjoying my time on here!"


University College London

"This is one of the best services I’ve yet to experience regarding education. It’s reassuring to get to know your future colleagues before the study starts and build an initial bond with them. The concept of groups is also interesting! You get to make plans about common interests months before you move to Helsinki."


University of Helsinki

"The main thing that I believe stresses international students when it comes to studying in another country is if they will be able to make friends. This initiative gets rid of that apprehension, so I am really grateful for it!"


University of Antwerp

"I think it’s a great idea honestly, as soon as I knew of it I downloaded it. It definitely helps calm down nerves because you get to know people from your course and other courses and make acquaintances! With luck, even friends, before getting there. It gives you a head start and makes it easier to open up when you first get to Utrecht!"


Utrecht Summer School

"The idea to help find and connect with other students in advance is wonderful. As a matter of fact, to start studying abroad is a tough situation due to housing, living, and other problems. Goin’ reduces those pressure by sharing information with students."


Nyenrode Business School

"Although I read a lot about the University of Helsinki and Finland, there were new information that I knew only from Goin'; from the application and from my fellow classmates! It gave me this sense of a community, that I am not alone in this stressful process. Thank you so much!"


University of Helsinki

"I think it’s a great thing honestly. It helps a lot of people with this anxiety of not having friends or feeling lonely upon arriving either in a new country or just in new studies. I hadn’t had this opportunity before so I must admit that it does help quite a lot. As for the study experience, I believe that it must help with creating a sense of community within the class so that we’d all work better together! Overall the whole idea is really great!"



More than 60 universities are already using Goin'