What do we do, and why do we do it?

We want to create meaningful connections for students to make them more successful in life.

As students, we experienced how important social connections are before and during studies. Goin’ to university is an extremely exciting and important life event for every student. It’s an event that comes with many worries, challenges, and insecurities. Friendships and a sense of belonging are the best ways to boost excitement, confidence, and fun to kickstart student success at your university.

Building a network of other students goin' to the same university has proven to be the perfect bridge for the "waiting period" between the exciting admission letter and the start of studies (many months later). With Goin', we're using our innovative friendship software to help students find and build connections with other students also (considering) goin' to your university. Because a well-connected student is more likely to start and stay at your university!

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