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Goin' is essential, simple and fun

A student experience is no longer just offline or online. It's hybrid, and hybrid is here to stay for Gen Z. We will improve the hybrid student experience and connect your students the ethical way to boost well-being, integration and retention.

Engage your students directly

Students are always curious before starting university. At UCL we've seen that nothing is easier to boost engagement than by showing students who else is goin' and build hybrid friendships.

Boost student satisfaction and improve well-being

Friendships are a huge factor for student well-being. 95% of the students at Utrecht University express that using Goin' makes them feel more comfortable about starting and studying at this university

Boost integration & retention

Integration is key for retention. That's exactly how we use Goin' at the University of Helsinki. Increasing stay-rates by increasing the number of meaningfulness connections between International and Finnish students.

Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Goin' makes it easier than ever for minorities to find each other and create meaningful friendships. This resulted in vibrant groups such as Introverts, LGTBQ+, Teen Moms and endless other examples at Uppsala University.

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Students will directly connect in the application based on their interests, study, campus, country or whatever you can think of!

What do students say about us


Koc University

Goin' is a very nice concept, I think it's great that you can get a "taste" of studying at KOC before you start. I have already had some of my questions answered, and it's great that you can make connections before you arrive!


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

I'm really excited about the idea of connecting with fellow students before we officially start. The potential to meet new people and possibly form lasting friendships is quite intriguing to me. I see Goin' as a valuable tool for communication and reaching out to current students for insights on various topics. I'm eager to make the most of this experience!


Hertie School

Goin's is great. I've had the chance to speak to some of the prospective students, and I can already sense a feeling of camaraderie among everybody. I guess it's a great tool not only to socialise and meet new people but also a community you can reach out to if you have questions, doubts or even issues, and that makes one's move abroad easier.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences

I really like the concept behind Goin because usually, you dive into new life chapters without knowing anyone beforehand. Moving abroad is tough for most people, but Goin' makes it a bit easier. Now, you don't just show up on the first day of classes; you've already connected with some students—exchanged texts or even met them. Personally, I take my time to get comfortable in new situations, and I believe Goin will be a game-changer for me. What's great is that you get to see pictures of the students starting the journey with you. It gives you a sneak peek into how they look, their nationality, and their age, which is pretty cool.


University of Greenwich

Goin' is a great initiative. As international students, it won't be easy for us to adapt to a new place, but it becomes much easier when we have people around us whom we know. I'm trying to find like-minded people and students who are joining my course. In fact, I had a conversation with a few people, and I feel like I won't be lonely when I move to the UK. I'm pretty sure everyone is going to benefit from Goin' app.


Saxion University of Applied Sciences

I really like Goin' App, and it is certainly helping me move to Enschede. I am Brazilian, and I have met a girl here who is taking the same master's degree that I am going to start. She is helping me with information and tips, especially about housing - and this is amazing. I was a bit lost on this matter, so the app is really making things easy for me.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Goin' is an excellent app for connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and academic pursuits before heading abroad. The platform's concept is truly commendable, and I'm optimistic that its widespread adoption will further enhance the overall experience. The potential for fostering a larger community of individuals exchanging knowledge and experiences is immense, making it a valuable resource for anyone preparing to go abroad.


Uppsala University

I like Goin' concept so far. It makes moving to new places easier and more pleasant as you can get to know some people beforehand. Having the option to know someone at the university before takes a bit of anxiety off the new students, as not everyone can effortlessly jump into new friendships in a new environment. I also noticed that there are some current students among the people you can connect to, and it's nice as it enables the new students to ask for their experiences.


Lund University

I didn't have something like Goin' at my previous university, and I wish I did! It's just so much easier for more introverted people to become a part of a community with those thematic groups. And I absolutely love that you can find people from your course like we are already making friends with each other while everyone is in a different country. It's going to be so much easier to adapt once we get there since we already connected beforehand. Amazing creation, thanks for making it happen!


University of Groningen

As a new student, Goin' has been an invaluable resource in helping me navigate my move abroad. The ability to connect with other students who are going through similar transitions is invaluable. It will not only facilitate new friendships but also will provide me with a support network during my time in Groningen. The wealth of information and resources available within the app will be immensely helpful in acclimating to my new environment. Overall, I can confidently say that Goin' has played a significant role in making my move abroad experience better.


Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Goin' is very impressive. Getting a rough concept of how you're classmates will be and getting to have that initial interaction before actually meeting will make things pretty smooth for me. Even discussing the process of moving, like finding accommodation, the visa process and getting to help each other, really takes away a lot of worry. Overall, I love it.


Politecnico di Torino

Goin' is great! I hope I connect with more and get to know more about my batchmates. The app could definitely help in getting to know each other well before we meet in classrooms. This can reduce the time of connecting to our classmates and make the group working culture comfortable. We can also find mates interested in sharing accommodation and any other admission doubts and updates. There are plenty of things we can do through this app once we connect to each other. Thanks for making things better and easier!


Centria University of Applied Sciences

Goin' is awesome! It serves as a fantastic platform for making friends and seeking help when needed. It plays a crucial role in bridging connections among us. Building friendships through Goin' is sure to make this journey more enjoyable and smoother. Personally, I'm already a fan of the idea, and I've even made some friends through it.


Utrecht University

I love the concept of Goin', and I think it's really helpful. I've found out more about how other students are figuring out the housing part, and I am so happy to finally meet some Romanians who go to Utrecht. Many of my friends want to study in The Netherlands, but they all go to other universities, so it's really helpful to find some people from my country who go here. I've already made a bunch of friends thanks to the app! I love it!!


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

I think the concept of Goin' is great and has the potential to be very helpful for students like myself who are moving abroad for studies. Being able to connect with other students before starting the program will not only make the transition smoother but also create a sense of community and support. I'm definitely interested in learning more and getting involved!


Aalto University

Goin' has an amazing concept! I just recently joined the platform, and I am so excited to find my future colleagues. I think being able to connect with newly admitted students who are going through the same process I'm going through makes it easier to navigate through it all. I also found the "Guide" tab on the app to be super helpful as well!”.


Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Goin' is seriously impressive! Within just one day, I got three different suggestions for living accommodations—way more options than I had before, where I only had one. On top of that, I've already connected with some really cool people. Huge thanks for creating this app! It's been a game-changer for me!


Ca Foscari University of Venice

Goin' is such an incredible concept, and it's been a tremendous help, especially for folks like me navigating the Erasmus experience. Connecting beforehand has allowed me to chat with locals in Venice and gain insights into student life. Already, I've connected with people who've been super helpful, especially with accommodation-related matters. I'm absolutely loving the experience!


University of Helsinki

Goin' is an innovative app that will help thousands of people like me who are moving abroad soon. I loved the concept of the app and all the features over here. As I can find many of my classmates or seniors through this app, it'll help me socialize with new people. It may even allow me to find reasonable accommodation in Helsinki. It will also help us to discuss the classwork or have a group discussion.


Umea University

Goin' is really helpful. I am so excited to know each other through this app even before I start my study. Also, I got helpful information. The students are so friendly here. I'm looking forward to getting more experience with this app soon.


HAMK - Häme University of Applied Sciences

I really appreciate the feature that allows me to identify if someone is from my hometown or studying the same thing as me. Connecting with people before the studies kick in is crucial for me. It's a relaxed period where diving into someone else's life is way easier without the stress of academic responsibilities.


Lapland University

I absolutely love Goin'. It gives me the chance to connect with current students, tutors, and future exchange students, allowing us to share crucial information during the preparation for my exchange period. I would be so lost without it!


Utrecht Summer School

Impressive! The filters based on study and nationality are incredibly convenient. They make it easy for me to find my future classmates and people with common interests quickly. It would be fantastic if every college had an app like Goin'.


Halmstad University

Goin' is a brilliant initiative. It is a wonderful platform that will enable us to know our coursemates and get to know other people. Human interaction is vital in our lives; it allows us to learn different things and exchange ideas. I believe that through this platform, many international students will be able to get the necessary information from you and others regarding their studies and life here in Sweden.


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

I've never heard of an app such as this one before, and it's simply amazing! I've been using it only for a few days, and I've already made lots of connections with people with the same study and not only. It'll make the transition to a new place a lot easier as I'll already know people there. Also, the groups really help with finding people with similar interests as me!


Tampere University

I strongly believe it's a really good and innovative concept. I've met different people, including new students and current students, and I've been able to ask important questions, which makes preparing easier. After chatting with people, I found interesting restaurants, coffee shops, and recycling centers around Tampere. I also discovered useful insights regarding the application process and finding student apartments. It gives me a sense of inclusivity when I'm chatting with other students who are in the same boat as I am. I also see it as a gateway to make acquaintances and hopefully friends. Thank you for initiating this wonderful app.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

It is one of the best apps I have ever seen. The concept is really innovative, and the people and groups are wonderful. I love it. It gives me confidence that I'm going to a new country, and even before moving there, I have friends who are already there waiting for me or on the way.


University West

This is really a great platform where I can connect and communicate with current and new students. I got answers to many of my confusions and questions from here. Also, as a non-EU student, I am really excited to be a part of the university, but at the same time, a little nervous since this is going to be a completely new experience for me. Goin' makes me feel relaxed, and it seems like things are smoother here.


Aarhus University

I find the idea wonderful and a great opportunity to meet people even before moving to Aarhus. I believe this option to connect with others will make my move, and perhaps even the first weeks and months of my stay in Aarhus, less stressful because I already know people with whom I could meet up or who can provide some tips and tricks. I think that it's going to need some more time and people so that the full potential of this platform can be reached.


IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

I'm quite impressed with Goin as an initiative. Having access to information before my arrival is a significant advantage. Additionally, the platform provides a great opportunity to interact with my future coursemates before the program officially begins. It's a fantastic way to kickstart connections and make the most of the experience.


University of Waikato

I think Goin' is quite useful for international students as they get to connect with other students who might have already gone through the same process or are in the same boat as them. Going to another country to study is an overwhelming process in itself, it genuinely helps to ease up the process.


Uppsala University

"One big thing that the Goin’ app does is it takes the "wait" away. I don't have to wait until August to meet everyone, I can just start the college experience now! It has taken away the anxiety of not knowing who you're going to meet when you arrive at campus which is also a big help! I have received tremendous support and answers from other students via the group chats about my application and general questions about the campus which is great!"


HAN University of Applied Sciences

Social networking is essential when it comes to education and social life. I joined this app not long ago, but I can boldly say it has come to stay; it's very impressive. It has helped introduce and connect new students worldwide before school starts—an excellent idea. It connects like-minded students, helps build new connections and friendships, and provides information about the uni before the classes start.


University College London

"It's so easy to find, chat to people, and see what courses they're doing instead of searching and scrolling through massive social media groups. I love the fact that can we get to introduce ourselves with the little profile introductions, which also makes it so easy to find people with similar interests or the same nationality. I've really been enjoying my time on here!"


University of Twente

So far, I have contacted numerous people from different countries. The fact that students have common interests and can create or join groups and have discussions before even reaching Enschede will make it easier for us to settle there. Some may find their roommates or can bond with their classmates and discuss their course or work on a project. Goin' is helpful, especially for more introverted people.


University of Helsinki

"This is one of the best services I’ve yet to experience regarding education. It’s reassuring to get to know your future colleagues before the study starts and build an initial bond with them. The concept of groups is also interesting! You get to make plans about common interests months before you move to Helsinki."


UCL (University College London)

I have always asked myself how I would connect with students going to UCL because I am very introverted and uncomfortable initiating conversations. Goin' allowed me to communicate with people with similar interests who go to UCL, so now I have a group of friends before arriving in London. I also like the ability to filter connections, which improves networking.


University of Antwerp

"The main thing that I believe stresses international students when it comes to studying in another country is if they will be able to make friends. This initiative gets rid of that apprehension, so I am really grateful for it!"


Hult International Business School

I'm grateful for the chance to connect with fellow students on Goin'. The profile overview feature is quite beneficial, helping identify shared interests and fostering a sense of community. Being part of a group on the platform ensures one doesn't feel entirely isolated. The interactive Q&A format adds an engaging dimension, moving beyond the usual process and admission-related content, thereby preventing the experience from becoming monotonous. The inclusion of university representatives further enriches the overall experience.


Utrecht Summer School

"I think it’s a great idea honestly, as soon as I knew of it I downloaded it. It definitely helps calm down nerves because you get to know people from your course and other courses and make acquaintances! With luck, even friends, before getting there. It gives you a head start and makes it easier to open up when you first get to Utrecht!"


Radboud University

I'm really impressed by the Goin' concept because I honestly didn't expect this kind of initiative, but it's a pleasant surprise! The idea that I can connect with other students beforehand is pretty incredible. Even though I'm applying for the program with my friends, we both believe that making connections before the academic year kicks off would significantly ease the moving and acclimating process.


Nyenrode Business School

"The idea to help find and connect with other students in advance is wonderful. As a matter of fact, to start studying abroad is a tough situation due to housing, living, and other problems. Goin’ reduces those pressure by sharing information with students."


Cardiff University

Through the Goin' community I was able to reach out to a current student studying Medicinal Chemistry at Cardiff University. I had doubts about studying the course at the university; I was thinking of opting for a similar course at another university. The current student assured me that Cardiff University is a leading Chemistry school with state of the art equipment that I need to study the course- so it's very practical.


University of Helsinki

"Although I read a lot about the University of Helsinki and Finland, there were new information that I knew only from Goin'; from the application and from my fellow classmates! It gave me this sense of a community, that I am not alone in this stressful process. Thank you so much!"


Trinity College Dublin

As an international student, it is especially helpful to foster connections with people before heading into the unknown. I think it eases the transition. Instead of going to a strange city all alone, we have the opportunity to connect with the people beforehand. As a matter of fact, I have already connected with a few people from my programme and people from my home country, so it has been amazing!



"I think it’s a great thing honestly. It helps a lot of people with this anxiety of not having friends or feeling lonely upon arriving either in a new country or just in new studies. I hadn’t had this opportunity before so I must admit that it does help quite a lot. As for the study experience, I believe that it must help with creating a sense of community within the class so that we’d all work better together! Overall the whole idea is really great!"


University of Antwerp

I want to express my gratitude for launching the Goin' app – it's been fantastic and beneficial. I've connected with some seniors who've provided valuable insights into what to expect when coming to Antwerp. I've gained a wealth of knowledge, from program details to housing recommendations, visa procedures, and more; thankfully, I've met a few folks who were kind enough to answer all my quirky questions. So, once more, thanks a million for this app – I adore it!


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

I think that the Goin' is of great help in terms of getting to know your future classmates and their interests. Also, it's nice that you can create a community based on some common hobby and discuss your future plans (for example, I created a running group so that students can meet in Milan and run together). Goin' will definitely help me to feel less aloof abroad and make me more confident to initiate communication with other students when the academic year begins.


Arden University Berlin

Goin' is a fantastic concept, making it super easy for us to connect with people from the same university. I've noticed a bunch of folks from my home country already in Berlin, which could be handy if I need some support. Moreover, there's a diverse mix of people from various countries and backgrounds. This diversity provides a chance to see things from different perspectives and learn in unique ways. Goin' facilitates connections with students who have had diverse experiences, and learning about everyone's journey can be quite enriching. I'm genuinely happy to use the app and connect with people!


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)

Goin' is truly a fantastic initiative. The group's feature is particularly impressive, streamlining the process of connecting with like-minded individuals and making it a breeze to initiate conversations. I believe it'll prove invaluable in breaking the ice during our initial in-person meet-ups since we'll have already engaged in conversations and exchanged texts. It adds a great dynamic to building connections!

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