Going to university is an extremely exciting and important life event for every student. However, it’s an event that comes with many worries, challenges, and insecurities. Building a network of other students going to the same university has proven to be the perfect bridge for the "waiting period'' between the exciting admission letter and the start of studies (many months later).

A well-connected student is more likely to start and stay at your university!

Goin' stands out as a dynamic solution, attuned to the diverse needs of the communities it hosts. Crafted by students for students, the platform seamlessly integrates with the unique characteristics of each university environment. Goin' empowers students to share valuable tips on safe platforms and shed light on the unknown aspects of moving to a new country. In doing so, Goin' establishes an inclusive and supportive environment recognising the strength of shared experiences and collaborative knowledge. But how exactly?

Student from the University College London

For a start, Goin' initiates key groups focusing on essential aspects like housing, job opportunities, and sports. However, the true magic lies in the platform's flexibility, allowing students to create groups tailored to their unique needs. This adaptability, explored further in this article, showcases Goin's ability to be dynamic, shaped by the evolving requirements of each university environment. It's the magic of Goin', creating an adaptable space depending on the students' specific needs and preferences.

The Housing Groups

Navigating the challenges of finding suitable accommodation is a big deal for international students arriving in a new country. Goin' emerges as a valuable ally in this endeavour. The housing groups function as dynamic support networks, connecting students who grapple with similar housing predicaments. Whether students explore tips for securing affordable housing or forming alliances to address housing shortages collectively, Goin's housing communities serve as indispensable resources. 

Now, let's explore real-life statistics. The Netherlands Housing groups, with over 7,000 students, have become a communication hub. This year, the housing shortage crisis in the Netherlands surged from 315,000 in 2022 to 390,000 (NL Times), emphasising Goin's commitment to addressing real challenges and acting as a practical problem solver.

Student from University of Helsinki

Students grappling with the Dutch housing landscape can find solace in connecting with other students facing similar challenges. This not only aids in the practical aspects of house hunting but also fosters a sense of solidarity among students navigating this crisis together. Whether it's sharing insights on securing affordable housing or collectively addressing the housing shortage, Goin's housing communities have become important hubs for Dutch students, showcasing how the platform adapts to the unique challenges presented by different regions.

Part-time Jobs Groups

For many students, finding part-time employment is a pressing concern, especially in a new country.  Navigating the financial challenges during this period can intensify anxiety, and Goin' is attuned' understands the urgency and facilitates Career Connections groups that allow students to explore job opportunities even before setting foot on this concern. The career groups are a valuable space for students to connect with their peers who are already working, offering insights into part-time job prospects. This is especially significant for students who may worry about language barriers in a foreign job market. Goin' addresses this by fostering an environment where already employed students actively participate in these groups. They share valuable information and make recommendations for new students, creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere and, most importantly, helping them see that it is possible to make it.  

Is NOT just a Sports group: Fostering Global Bonds

Student from Utrecht University

Goin's Sports Groups go beyond conventional activities, creating global connections among students with shared interests. These groups serve as a platform for individuals from diverse nationalities, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. Laissa, a Brazilian student in Utrecht, experienced the magic of Goin when she found a passionate group playing "Futevolei," a Brazilian sport. This unexpected connection enriched her academic journey and brought a piece of Brazilian culture into her life on the other side of the world. Laissa's story exemplifies how Goin goes above and beyond, creating unique connections that surpass cultural and geographical barriers, even through a sports group.

Student-Crafted Spaces for All Journeys

At the core of Goin's versatility are the communities organically crafted by students themselves. These unique groups go beyond the conventional, offering tailored spaces to meet diverse needs. From Family Housing for those relocating with their parents to religious groups, travel companions for those departing from the same country, and support networks for student parents, Goin' serves as a canvas for students to create spaces that resonate with their specific needs. In this dynamic environment, everyone finds their place, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends background, circumstances, or beliefs. Goin' becomes a welcoming virtual home shaped by the diverse tapestry of student-created communities that extend far beyond the academic realm.

Where are we?

Goin' was born out of the need to ease the anxiety and stress students face navigating the challenges of starting a new university abroad, and the results have surpassed our expectations. With over 1 million monthly messages exchanged within the community, we stand as the largest student community platform in Higher Education, receiving positive feedback daily from international students studying abroad.

Today, Goin' is a vibrant ecosystem where connections go beyond differences. Whether you're grappling with a housing crisis, seeking job opportunities, exploring unconventional sports, or looking for a community that understands your unique circumstances, Goin' is the destination. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what you believe—Goin' stands as a safe place where every student can connect, thrive, and confidently shape their academic journey. 

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