Finding housing comes with a lot of stress and insecurities. In The Netherlands, one of the biggest issues faced currently is housing. For students, this can be a living nightmare. At multiple Dutch universities, we've increased the chance of finding housing by smartly connecting students on our platform, thus boosting satisfaction & conversion.

Through collaborating with the universities, we are able to gather and provide essential information to help support students in finding a home. With our ‘Practical Tips’, we inform students on the best sources for house hunting. Additionally, we create housing groups that allow students to team up and help each other in acquiring a home together. On many occasions, Goin’ is where students find the most success in housing!

“Goin is an amazing idea. It helped me a lot because my flight was canceled, and I was able to tell someone from my course to pick up the keys for my accommodation because I couldn’t.”

– Violeta from Utrecht Summer School

We’ve also seen great success at other universities throughout Europe!

“I actually met another Norwegian student on the platform and long story short we'll now be living in the same student housing! For foreign students, especially from small countries like myself, it's really valuable to be able to connect with others in the same situation.”

– Matea from Cardiff University

“You cannot imagine how the Goin’ app helped me throughout this challenging time. I am really grateful for this! Information shared via Goin' can save you from making mistakes and wrong choices. Personally, I've received the perfect housing offer and the peers from Goin' played a vital role in this. To say shortly, the chance to get advice and share your experience is the most valuable thing!”

– Nino from University of Helsinki

Through Goin’, students have been able to connect and share their concerns with each other. Allowing them to collaborate in finding a home. For some, not finding a home can be the deciding factor in not being able to study at the university. Thus, having additional leverage in support can help to boost conversions.