As a higher education institution, your ultimate goal is to provide a positive and enriching experience for your students. To do so, you must understand what drives their decisions, what they need to succeed, and how to engage with them effectively. This is where student needs come into play. By incorporating students’ needs into your campaign strategies, you can create a student-centered approach that will not only attract and retain students but also support their academic and personal growth.

At Goin', we've had the privilege of connecting with students from all over the world and delving into their experiences and challenges. And, we've discovered a fascinating trend - a staggering number of students are grappling with anxiety. It can be daunting for them to venture into new territory and make new connections. But, here's the flip side - a whopping 80% of students have reported that Goin' has made a positive impact on their lives by easing their fears of meeting new people, traveling abroad, and starting at university. In fact, an impressive 76% of students believe that Goin' has been instrumental in preparing them for their academic journey and transition to a new environment. Kudos to the power of community and connection!

Fatma, Utrecht University - “As an international student, the most difficult thing to overcome is being away from home. This platform is an amazing and useful way to connect with students around you and actually feel more “home” even before you start your new studies. I believe that Goin’ can be a student’s home away from home during their stay here in the Netherlands, especially during the adaptation process. I am positive it will help create life-long friendships.”

Madalina, Utrecht University - “I was really impressed! It does show that Utrecht University cares about its students and its community. Also, it's so useful as everything gets easier when you talk to people that go through the same steps to move; now I'm feeling more at ease with the fact that I already have made some friends and I feel like I am a part of the community already!”

Isabella, Utrecht University - "Goin' is amazing! It gives us the opportunity to contact people and discuss on different topics, which I believe makes our life easier upon getting to Utrecht. Especially for us internationals! I particularly like the group option, because you can put together people who have similar interests! I feel safer knowing I'm moving having already known some people."

Rima, Utrecht University -"t's really helpful to meet the fellow batchmate before going to the university and discuss so many things including the studies. I can even check who from my country are going to the same place and getting in contact with them which can be helpful for my travel. Making new friends beforehand who is going to the same place really can help reduce the anxiety that we all feel before going to a new place."

Jessica Winters, Head of Marketing at Utrecht University - "For us, Goin' facilitates a critical need for safe and ethical community-building among students. The platform is built in a very fun and engaging way with literally zero effort for us as a university. The fact that it's student-led has been key to achieving phenomenal results with Goin' at Utrecht University. Goin' helps us perfectly with what's essential in our job as recruiters and marketeers: to facilitate a safe, ethical, and friendly environment instead of acting as the student friend ourselves. That's essential to appeal to students and be appreciated by the next generation!"

How will your prospective students decide what study option is best for them? As a higher education institution, it's essential to understand the needs of your students and incorporate them into your campaigns. This is the key to creating a student-centered approach that not only attracts and retains students but also supports their academic and personal growth. The positive impact seen at Utrecht University with the use of Goin' is a testament to this.

So why wait? Embrace the power of student needs and create campaigns that truly connect with your students. To learn more about how Goin' can help facilitate connections and networking for your students, send us a email at or schedule a demo! Explore how we can help you provide a positive and enriching experience for your students.

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