At Utrecht University we learned a lot about the student’s needs and most active groups, bringing interesting content and ideas for future campaigns.

By reaching out to students on Goin’, we’ve understood that an absurd number of students struggle with anxiety and that they find it overwhelming to discover new people or to prepare for their new environment.

However, we’ve also discovered that over 80% of students believe that Goin’ alleviates those fears of meeting new people, traveling abroad, and even starting at their university! Moreover, over 76% of students have expressed that Goin’ practically prepares them for their new study and move abroad.

“As an international student, the most difficult thing to overcome is being away from home. This platform is an amazing and useful way to connect with students around you and actually feel more “home” even before you start your new studies. I believe that Goin’ can be a student’s home away from home during their stay here in the Netherlands, especially during the adaptation process. I am positive it will help create life-long friendships.”

– Fatma Utrecht University

“I was really impressed! It does show that Utrecht University cares about its students and its community. Also, it's so useful as everything gets easier when you talk to people that go through the same steps to move; now I'm feeling more at ease with the fact that I already have made some friends and I feel like I am a part of the community already!”

– Mădălina Utrecht University

How will your prospective students decide what study option is best for them? At Goin’, we believe it is important for higher education institutions to facilitate connections and networking for students. Thus, we increase their support structures and allow them to make informed decisions.