Goin' makes it easier than ever before for minorities and students with similar characteristics or interests to find each other and create meaningful friendships. This resulted in vibrant groups such as introverts, LGTBQ+, Teen moms and endless others at Uppsala University.

At Utrecht University, older students felt as if they were the outliers of their class considering they were the above average ages coming to the university. Thus, they created the “Thirty-somethings” group to find other peers who felt in the same situation! Now they support each other throughout the onboarding process, by sharing relevant information and collaborating to find homes together.

By being able to connect these students, you are enabling them to feel more relaxed and prepared for their study now that they’ve found peers who are just like-minded as they are.

Kajus from The Hague University of Applied Sciences - It's an excellent way to talk about the different pressures and exchange thoughts as when you go to study in a foreign country - the stress is unreal, but with this app - you're not alone, and you can just talk about it out!

Sofrina - The Hague University of Applied Sciences