Choosing the Right University

Upon deciding to pursue my studies in the Netherlands, I found myself accepted into several universities. However, choosing the right one was a bit of a dilemma. My main considerations were building a strong network and securing housing. After careful deliberation, I ultimately chose Utrecht University (BSc in Economics and Business Economics), and a significant contributing factor to this decision was the Goin' app.

The Challenge of Finding Accommodation

Goin' Groups Module

While exploring accommodation options, I found that other universities I had been accepted to provided little assistance in the roommate-finding process. Although WhatsApp groups were created, navigating through hundreds of people made it challenging to find a suitable match. I wasn’t sure who to start a conversation with or which students were facing similar problems.

This situation took a positive turn when Utrecht University introduced me to Goin’. The app offered specific groups, including one dedicated to "looking for a roommate." This immediately felt like I was taking a step in the right direction.

Connecting with my like-minded roommate Bianca through Goin’

Rania and Bainca (left) & her connections (right)

The app's structure allowed me to filter my options effectively, making it incredibly easy to connect with someone who shares common interests (such as literature and music), is enrolled in the same study programme and speaks my mother tongue, Romanian. I found Bianca through Goin’ and we have been sharing an apartment ever since! 

Bianca and I both found ourselves in a housing search for some time but we were determined to find one together. Neither of us wasn't sure which university to go to and, since very few Romanian students were enrolled in our programme, it was nice to know that both of us were facing the same linguistic and cultural challenges. We clicked immediately and later found out that we had made the same friends on the app, which made our friendship even stronger. After some time of chatting on the app, we started searching for an apartment together. We've been living together ever since."

The Impact of Goin’ on My Journey

Goin’ was instrumental in connecting me with potential friends; it offered me the opportunity to build a network before arriving in the Netherlands. Goin’ made the process of moving to a different country much less stressful. Not only did it conveniently provide me with information about my university, the city and relevant administrative deadlines, but it also helped me build long-lasting friendships. I'm thankful to have this opportunity!

- Rania

We ensure student success in an effortless way

Goin' is revolutionizing the way students transition into university life. Designed as a dynamic platform, it bridges the gap between being accepted into a university and actually starting there. Goin' offers an engaging community where students connect even before setting foot on campus, easing anxieties associated with moving to a new place or starting at a new school.

For universities, Goin' is a zero-effort solution that enhances student engagement, preparation and success. It’s a community builder, a network enhancer, and a stress reducer. With Goin', universities can ensure their students start their academic journey on the right foot, fully supported and connected.

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