My name is Laissa, and I am passionate about connecting with people from diverse cultures. As someone with Brazilian, Italian, and Portuguese roots, the idea of an international academic adventure was always tantalizing. However, the decision between Aarhus University and Utrecht University for my master's left me at a crossroads. That's when I discovered Goin', a platform that would become an essential companion in my decision-making process and beyond.

The Bridge to Informed Decisions

Goin' played a pivotal role in clarifying my path. Connecting with students with similar ambitions and dilemmas on Goin' allowed me to gain valuable insights into the universities I was considering.  My interactions on the platform made it clear that Utrecht University was the right choice for me; and after moving to the city, I can say I am on the right path.

A Gateway to Global Connections

Goin' not only aided me in making well-informed academic choices but also perfectly complemented my enthusiasm for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Through this remarkable platform, I had the opportunity to meet my future classmates two months before setting foot in Utrecht, effectively alleviating much of the pre-arrival stress. Moreover, Goin' connected me with like-minded individuals from different courses who shared my interests. Upon arriving in Utrecht, we visited cool, hidden cafes and exchanged invaluable tips about must-visit spots in the Netherlands. This enriching experience transcended traditional friendships, forming a supportive network that transformed my academic journey into a memorable and culturally diverse adventure.

Safety and Trust: A Goin' Distinctive

One of Goin''s standout features is its sense of safety and trust. Unlike more mainstream platforms like Facebook, Goin' is explicitly tailored for students embarking on educational journeys. I felt confident in the authenticity of the information shared and the people I connected with on Goin'. It's a platform free from scams and unwelcome distractions, allowing students to focus on what truly matters - their academic and social growth.

Navigating the Housing Maze

One of the significant concerns for any international student is finding suitable accommodation. Goin' proved to be an invaluable resource in this regard as well. Through the platform, I connected with students who had already navigated the housing landscape in Utrecht. They gave me tips, recommendations, and insights into the best platforms and strategies to secure accommodation.

Utilizing the knowledge and experience I gained through Goin', I've uncovered invaluable tips for securing budget-friendly housing in Utrecht. Students highlighted the importance of thinking creatively. For instance, reaching out to Alumini Utrecht University students on platforms like LinkedIn to get more tips or to find people who are potentially leaving their accommodations. Moreover, I discovered that attending in-person viewings can be a game-changer, thanks to firsthand advice from my peers.

Paving the way for future students

My journey with Goin' didn't stop at receiving valuable information and forming friendships. Having lived in the Netherlands for a year in Maastricht before pursuing my Masters, I became a valuable resource for others on Goin'. I could share my experiences, insights, and practical advice about living in the Netherlands. This sense of community and support on Goin' reflects the platform's essence - it's not just about receiving help but also about giving back.

Last but not least

Goin' went above and beyond my expectations by not only shaping my academic journey but also introducing me to a passionate group of "Futevolei", Brazilian Sport enthusiasts right in Utrecht. This unexpected connection brought a piece of Brazilian culture into my life on the other side of the world. It's a reminder that Goin' isn't just a platform; it's an inspiring journey of cross-cultural discovery and adventure, showing that the world is full of exciting surprises waiting to be explored.

My journey using Goin' began as a tool for making academic choices but evolved into a dynamic and enriching adventure. Goin' not only guided me towards Utrecht University, where I now find myself on the right path, but it also provided me with a global network of friends.  Through Goin', I cracked the code to securing affordable housing and, in turn, became a source of guidance for others. This journey highlights that Goin' is more than just a platform; it's a source of inspiration and a reminder that exciting surprises await when we approach the world with openness and curiosity.

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