By analyzing aggregated data, we can estimate the enrollment probability and influence the likelihood of starting. Additionally, it has brought insights into the key factors for students to enroll or not.

With Goin’, you will learn how many students are signing up, become active users, and the way they interact with each other. That can be an indicator of how interested they might be in the university. Additionally, we also will dive into how many connections they make, groups they join, differences amongst nationalities, and even an estimated enrollment probability with insights per category (goin', doubt, not goin'). We also support the performance by implementing some mighty fine artificial (and real) intelligence that even works to enhance the enrolment probability per student.

Many of our customers, such as Hertie School, Uppsala University, Nyenrode Business University, Utrecht University, University of Helsinki, and many more are absolutely loving their insights to improve their services, campaigns, and figures.

“Goin' is a huge help for the university. It helps in our conversion rates, integration, and student happiness. I especially like that it's a self-managing system as we can use the current community constantly to engage new admitted students, without any efforts from our side."

– Joachim: Head of Student Recruitment of Uppsala University.