Throughout generations, the way we consume information and interact with one another has constantly evolved. From the days of sending letters and waiting for weeks or months to receive a response, we have now entered a digital era where communication happens instantly. While platforms like Facebook have revolutionized intergenerational communication, it's crucial to acknowledge the shifting landscape, particularly with Generation Z - a cohort characterized by their strong values of advocacy, authenticity, and diversity. Engaging this generation poses unique challenges, as traditional channels like email and Facebook no longer hold the same appeal. With Gen Z spending over 6 hours a day on their mobile devices, how can institutions effectively connect and engage with them?

The Facebook Disconnect

The undeniable truth is that the majority of Gen Z students have moved away from Facebook. For them, Facebook is no longer a preferred space for social interaction; instead, it is seen as a distraction. This shift in behaviour necessitates institutions to find alternative methods to reach and engage this digitally native generation. Furthermore, Gen Z students prioritize authenticity and value their personal data, demanding platforms that provide a safe, ethical, and personalized experience. To effectively connect with students, institutions must embrace innovative solutions that allow for direct engagement among peers.

Redefining and Unlocking the Power of Student Engagement

Institutions must acknowledge the changing preferences of Gen Z students and adapt their engagement strategies accordingly. By embracing new paradigms, institutions can create meaningful connections and foster a sense of community among students. One promising solution lies in platforms that provide a safe, user-centric environment, allowing students to engage directly with one another. These platforms leverage the power of mobile devices, enabling students to connect, share experiences, and support each other instantly. 

By facilitating direct engagement, institutions empower students to shape their own university experience. Students can connect with peers who share their interests, academic programs, or even cultural backgrounds, creating connections that extend beyond first connections.

Engaging students in London

Through Goin’ at UCL, we've seen that nothing is easier to boost engagement than by making students curious and informed about who else is goin' and create hybrid friendships.

Julia - “It's so easy to find, chat to people, and see what courses they're doing instead of searching and scrolling through massive social media groups. I love the fact that can we get to introduce ourselves with the little profile introductions, which also makes it so easy to find people with similar interests or the same nationality. I've really been enjoying my time on here!”

Ester - "Several people have already reached out to me that are in the same course, and some have even recommended some places to visit in London before the semester starts. Super helpful for my transition to UCL!

Xiaocheng - "I have had a great experience with this application! Without this app, I cannot get in contact with future classmates from other countries’ due to regulations in my country. In addition, the interest part gives me idea about what to talk about. So now I can chat with others with a more approachable topic and I can meet future classmates with similar interests."

Luca - "I really like this app, I got to talk to multiple people from my course and with similar backgrounds or hobbies! It's also quite nice because it only gathers those of UCL and I think it's quite easy to just choose someone and start a conversation with, share thoughts and give personal experiences if you already live in London! The ability the create groups is also great!"

Zuhura - "I like that I get to know and meet my classmates, even if it's virtually. It's great because I have people to converse with about my programme and about the whole experience in general."

Leonardo - "I think it's a great concept and it helps humanise the experience a lot before the semester starts. I feel like seeing a lot of other people in the same boat removes a lot of worry about starting!"

Goin' Forward

Institutions committed to student success must recognize the shifting dynamics of communication and engagement. Embracing new alternatives to traditional platforms like Facebook is essential to effectively engage Gen Z students. By adopting innovative solutions that prioritize authenticity, data ethics, and personalization, institutions can foster a thriving digital community that meets the evolving needs of today's students. It's time to redefine student engagement and embrace the transformative potential of direct connection in the digital age.

Who are we?

Goin’ is a zero-effort social community platform for universities. Connecting your students in an innovative, effortless, and ethical way. In a world where education and life are more hybrid than ever before, facilitating online friendships is essential for a university to provide students with the best social student experience. Keen to know more? You can also reach us via the buttons on the website or drop an email to

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