As an institution, it is important to understand the needs of your students. Bearing in mind that you are here to support their journey for the next 3-4 years, it is essential to let them know you are here for them from day 1. While having superior educators, and a modernized faculty can have an uplifting illusion to a student’s experience, without the students and a strong social environment, it just becomes another hollow building with moving shadows. Thus, it is essential to also uplift the social well-being of students.

A great way to enhance this is by providing them the ability to create connections and build friendships with each other. Allowing for them to introduce themselves while also offering support to one another can ensure everyone gets over the hurdles. Friendships are a huge factor in student well-being. At Utrecht University, over 95% of students say that Goin’ makes them feel more comfortable about starting and studying at this university. Moreover, more than 80% of students who are on the Goin application, reassured us that being able to talk to their future peers tremendously reduced their anxiety about meeting each other, starting their educational journey, and even traveling abroad!

Artemis - Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Seungyup - Nyenrode Business University

With that in mind, let’s aim to enhance all elements of education. Not only academics but also its surrounding pillars that allow for a student’s highest fulfillment.