First impressions count. What influences some decisions, could happen in a matter of seconds. Providing a new experience for students generates interest and value that can only be felt at that moment. However, what is the outcome? We've seen that providing offer holders with something new and fun, with meaningful connections, meant a significant boost to conversion (> 50% up).

Once a university extends an offer, it can be challenging to ensure that students accept and enroll. Students often have multiple options and might feel overwhelmed or unsure about their final decision. This is where Goin' steps in, providing a unique opportunity to create a sense of belonging and ease the transition into university life. By building a network of fellow students, Goin' bridges the gap between receiving an offer and the start of studies, ensuring a smoother transition for students. This sense of community encourages prospective students to choose your university over others.

Joachim: Head of Student Recruitment at Uppsala University

"Goin' is a huge help for the university. It helps in our conversion rates, integration and student happiness. I especially like it's a self-managing system as we can use the current community constantly to engage new admitted students, without any efforts from our side."

Nauvyashree - "I was so nervous after receiving the offer as much as I was elated because I didn't know who else were moving to Sweden from India. Goin' helped me exactly with that! I felt very assured after connecting with a lot of like minded people and even other students who are about to join KTH!"

Deborah - "I recently joined the platform and I'm excited to find my future colleagues! I think being able to connect with newly admitted students that are going to through the same process, makes it easier to navigate through it all. I also found the Arrival Guide guide on the app and its super helpful!"

Weronika - "I think it's amazing! Getting to know people who I'll be study with is super exciting, and it makes me feel convinced that I made a right choice with NHL. Makes me less nervous before moving abroad!"

Natsue - “It’s been super fun to connect with other people who are also going to be at UCL. It’s calming having an idea with whom you’ll be in class. I think a big challenge for students is making connections, it’s what the majority is anxious about, so this way we already have someone. Personally, I was super happy when I saw there was a platform to connect with other students!”

Hammad - “One big thing that the Goin’ app does is it takes the "wait" away. I don't have to wait until August to meet everyone, I can just start the college experience now! It has taken away the anxiety of not knowing who you're going to meet when you arrive at campus which is also a big help! I have received tremendous support and answers from other students via the group chats about my application and general questions about the campus which is great!”

Lei - "Being able to connect with future classmates is a big plus. It builds an exciting vibe before going which gives something good to look forward to. There is so much useful information shared. I found one about housing which was super helpful. The relaxed, informal, and immediate interaction in the app gives a sense of support that helps to ease the process of moving to a different place!"

Gabriela - "I think connecting with people here makes me look forward to my future more. We've shared some details and progress of the student house application, so it was quite helpful. I love the filter function so that I can easily find people from my country/study."

We aim to maximize student success and turn that into university conversions. Goin' offers an innovative solution to boost conversion rates post-offer by fostering meaningful connections and easing the transition into university life. Thus having a unique alternative in the student experience can help to provide certainty for students.

How will you support your onboarding students to cross the finish line?

At Goin' - Connecting your students, we focus on building social communities in the most vibrant, ethical and effortless way for universities. Keen to know more? You can also reach us via the buttons 'Schedule a Demo' on the website or drop an email to