First impressions count. What influences some decisions, could happen in a matter of seconds. Providing a new experience for students generates interest and value that can only be felt at that moment. At Uppsala University we've seen that providing offer holders with something new and fun, with meaningful connections, meant a significant boost to conversion (> 50% up).

“One big thing that the Goin’ app does is it takes the "wait" away. I don't have to wait until August to meet everyone, I can just start the college experience now! It has taken away the anxiety of not knowing who you're going to meet when you arrive at campus which is also a big help! I have received tremendous support and answers from other students via the group chats about my application and general questions about the campus which is great!”

- Hammad from Uppsala University

We aim to maximize student success and turn that into university conversions. Thus having a unique alternative in the student experience can help to provide certainty for students. How will you support your onboarding students to cross the finish line?