Finding Comfort in Shared Journeys

Zakiya and friends goin' to HAN

When I started my academic journey, Goin' alleviated the overwhelming feelings associated with a new beginning. I quickly realised I wasn't alone in my concerns about starting a new school. Many students shared similar worries, and connecting with them on Goin' was a relief to my anxious heart. Knowing others were feeling the same and that, with time these worries would diminish brought immense consolation.

More than Just Friends - Practical Aid

Goin' proved to be much more than a mere social platform; it was a lifeline during the housing crisis. The platform allowed for direct interactions with individuals who either had available rooms or knew others who did. Thanks to Goin', seeing future roommates' hobbies and interests beforehand made the moving-in process significantly less awkward and more relaxed. Apart from housing, the platform introduced me to diverse online communities such as F1, sports, and travel, widening my horizons. In fact, my very first exposure to F1 was through Goin'!

Reinforcing My University Choice with Goin’

While I had already chosen the Hogeschool van Arnhem-Nijmegen, Goin' strengthened my conviction that I had made the right choice. Although Goin' was a smaller community at HAN during my initial days, its potential to transform university experiences was evident. I remember thinking how innovative it was for a university to support such a tailored social platform.

A promise For Ongoing Growth

My belief remains steadfast – Goin' is assured to redefine the university experience. It not only directly aids in creating great networks but also addresses larger issues, such as housing. Such comprehensive support relieves many of the pressures students, especially international ones, face. By doing so, Goin' ensures that students like me can perform to our utmost in our crucial first year and beyond.

Building Bridges for New Beginnings

One challenge I faced during my academic journey was acclimatising to a novel educational environment. Goin' offered a platform to share these feelings, but I believe more can be done. Perhaps universities, in collaboration with Goin', could establish mentorship programs or introductory sessions, making transitions smoother for newcomers.

Zakiya from HAN

To all my fellow students and the upcoming batches, I encourage you to leverage Goin' to its fullest. It's not just an app; it's a community that understands and aids you in your unique journey. Here's to many more successes, connections, and shared stories!

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