As a university, you want your students to feel connected, engaged, and supported. What better way to do that than by fostering a strong sense of community among your student body? But here's the thing: sometimes, less is more when it comes to university involvement in student communities. Why? One thing we’ve seen and experienced ourselves is that too much involvement can create a community that is artificial, thus further disconnecting students from the university. If students feel like every community is being regulated by the administration, they may be less likely to engage and connect with their peers in a genuine and authentic way. Additionally, an over-involved university can inadvertently stifle student ambitions and excitement. If students feel like they're constantly being told what to do or are constantly being monitored, they may be less likely to explore their interests and lead their own communities.

So how can universities then effectively target this issue? Through Goin', universities can provide their students with a supportive, social community that's driven by the students themselves. This allows for a more organic and authentic sense of community-building, while still providing the resources and support students need to thrive. While it may seem concerning to put the efforts into the hands of the students, what we’ve seen is that students do indeed take the initiative and create unique groups with specific interests and needs. By connecting with each other, they then offer support to one another in a way that keeps them engaged, boosting their excitement to start university. 

Goin' offers an exciting tool for students to take charge of their own community experience. Whether it's creating and joining student-led groups or interacting with a diverse student connection, everything can be done through the students. Organizing events and activities, or sharing knowledge and advice with their peers are just some of the things we’ve seen from the many communities on Goin’. Even more, Goin' integrates seamlessly with existing university information, so universities can provide their students with an integrated experience that blends an informed community with a social environment. Universities can provide a unique and effective alternative to over-involvement in social student communities, while still supporting student success and engagement.

What the student community thinks about Goin'

Stijn from Nyenrode Business School - “I think that the use of Goin’ is great for getting students to feel more comfortable going in their studies! You are able to connect with people online, and then see them in real life when the study starts!”

Noha from University of Helsinki - Although I read a lot about (UH) and Finland, there were new information that I knew only from Goin'; from the application and from my fellow classmates! I was able to communicate with many students. We were discussing preparations and everyone is helping by giving information and advice. It gave me this sense of a community, that I am not alone in this stressful process. Thank you so much!

Kajus from The Hague University of Applied Sciences - It's an excellent way to talk about the different pressures and exchange thoughts as when you go to study in a foreign country - the stress is unreal, but with this app - you're not alone, and you can just talk about it out!

Andrew from UMEA University - Personally, I have gotten the opportunity to connect with some really great people who have the same interest as I do. I have also found helpful tips and resources on how to prepare for my time in Umea.

Benedek from Saxion University of Applied Sciences- Goin' helped me find people who will study at the same campus as me. It's a really good thing that I can make friends before the study starts. For me it feels like a big community already! One of my friends told me, if they wanted to find someone who'll study at the same university as them, they would have to create a Facebook group for that. This app is a lot more convenient!

Theo from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences - It helps a lot of people with this anxiety of not having friends or feeling lonely upon arriving either in a new country or just in new studies. I hadn’t had this opportunity before so I must admit that it does help quite a lot. As for the study experience, I believe that it must help with creating a sense of community within the class so that we’d all work better together! Overall the whole idea is really great!

Uxue from the University of Groningen - I think that without Goin' I would find more difficulties in getting to know students from other countries. I believe it promotes stepping out of our comfort zone and integrate ourselves directly in a more international community.

Madalina from Utrecht University- I was really impressed. It does show that Utrecht University cares about its students and its community. Also, it's so useful as everything gets easier when you talk to people that go through the same steps to move; now I'm feeling more at ease with the fact that I already have made some friends and I feel like I am a part of the community already!

Radwa from Hertie School - It’s great, the sense of community is very supportive. The disadvantages in terms of information about the process of moving to Berlin or about the studies in general are greatly diminished. This is definitely a morale booster. It is interesting to connect the students even before the start of classes.

So if you're a university looking to foster a strong sense of community among your student body, consider taking a step back and letting your students take the lead. With Goin', you can provide an uplifting platform for student-led community-building that empowers your students to thrive and progress on their own terms.

At Goin' - Connecting your students, we focus on building social communities in the most vibrant, ethical and effortless way for universities. Keen to know more? You can also reach us via the buttons 'Schedule a Demo' on the website or drop an email to

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