Hi, I'm Laissa, but I'll go by Lala as I share some secret tips on finding housing as an international student abroad. Before we dive into the details, remember these four essential things: be creative, be yourself, stay organized, and never lose hope. You've got this!

Think Outside the Box

First up, you absolutely must get the Goin App. It's a central hub for housing groups, offering peer support, accommodation leads, and essential tips. It's also a safe and trustworthy platform because you are connected only with students from your university, making it easier to find those who are also interested in going to the same city as you. The Goin' App was a game-changer for me, lighting up my path to finding the right place. Through this app, not only can you connect with fellow students seeking housing, but you can also reach out to current students and those nearing graduation—great sources for housing advice. Ask if they plan to vacate their rooms soon, or if they have any helpful tips or leads. Given that the housing market can be a maze filled with potential scams, knowing where to focus is key. Here's where you might start:

- Facebook Groups (Beware of scams, so always stay vigilant and careful)

- Traditional Housing Agencies

- Waiting List Companies (Register early!)

- Student Housing Companies (Budget-friendly but fiercely competitive)

✨ A pro-tip from me: Regularly monitor websites and, most importantly, Facebook groups. Jump on fresh offers swiftly. Don't be afraid to be bold! I understand the struggle of finding housing, but if you're determined and proactive, doors will open and opportunities will present themselves. Your persistence will pay off, and soon enough, you'll find a place to call home. ✨

Stay Organized and Stand Out

In the hunt for a house, organization is your compass. Have a folder—digital or physical—specifically for housing-related documents. Keep track of house details, addresses, and viewings in your calendar.. Such meticulousness ensures you're always on top of things and never miss an opportunity.

When you're going for viewings, being there in person can be a game-changer. If feasible, stay with a buddy or find a short-term rental, so you can attend these viewings firsthand. A little tip: Be a tad early to get some precious face-to-face time with potential roommates. Refer back to the housing post's information, and use it to create a personalized interaction and stand out.

Be Personal and Honest

As you reply to housing ads, inject personality into your responses. Pay attention to the details mentioned by the landlord or potential roommates. To get noticed, ensure your response stands out - first impressions matter! Share the duration you need the room for, your name, age, country of origin, and your genuine interest. If you're reacting to a post on Facebook, go the extra mile. Share interesting facts about yourself, explain why getting this room is essential for you, and describe what you and your future roommates could enjoy together. Paint a vivid picture of living with them. Paint a vibrant picture of the mutual joys of cohabitation.

Lastly, always remember: persistence, creativity, genuineness, and a systematic approach will usher you to your ideal housing solution! Wishing you every success in your quest. You've got this!

Additional Safety Tip: Online platforms, while useful, can also be riddled with scams. Always verify offers, never send money without a formal agreement or seeing the property, and if possible, consult with someone local or familiar with the area.

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