The University of Copenhagen joined the Goin’ community in 2021, with the aim of providing their international exchange students with the opportunity to connect with each other before arriving at the campus in Copenhagen. 

“Our hope is that this can be one way to increase student well-being and make sure that the students feel welcome at the University of Copenhagen.” says Simone.

Goin is zero effort that drives results
We aim for universities to have minimal effort, while we ensure that their communities have successful launches. From there, we provide valuable data to inform universities on the performance of their community.

“Goin’ shares a registration link with us and we send out an invitation to the new incoming exchange students. We then send a reminder so that all students get a chance to register.” said Simone when asked about UCPH role.“So far the results have been really positive. Goin’ has shared some data with us and it shows that a big part of our students use the app and that they are very happy and grateful to have this opportunity to connect with other international students.”

“At International Education we are very focused on working with student well-being and we know that there are many important steps to take on this matter. Loneliness is a big concern for international students, so it is nice to be able to offer the students a platform where they can connect and chat with other students going to Copenhagen.”

“Goin’ has been very helpful and flexible in this partnership, which we really appreciate.”

The International Students are onboard

"From the data that we have seen, the students are very happy to connect through the Goin’ app. They use it right up until they meet each other on campus. I believe that this is a really great way for students to feel a bit less anxious and instead focus on their new great adventure in Copenhagen. It is also a great way for international students to meet other students who they would not have met otherwise.", said Simone when asked about UCPH results and student experience.

Improving students’ wellbeing in HigherEd 

When asked about whether other institutions should implement Goin’ Simone replied, “Yes I would. I would recommend other universities to have a platform where students can connect before they start their studies. There are many things to consider (and to be nervous about) when you are a new student in a new country or city, so giving them an opportunity to meet other students online before the semester starts can help remove the worry of not knowing anyone.”

With that, we cannot wait to see what's in store for the incoming students of 2023!

Who are we?

We want to create meaningful social opportunities for students to make them more successful in life. The future of education is hybrid. For Gen Z, the hybrid experience is not new at all and hybrid friendships have been around for years. At Goin' we improve the hybrid student experience by connecting your students the ethical way. A student-led way, effective in establishing meaningful hybrid friendships at your university to make students more successful in life.

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