Tampere University will join Goin’s community this upcoming summer, making it the next accredited Finnish university to be a part of the platform. Through this collaboration, we will be creating a diverse student community exclusively for Tampere's future international and exchange students. By connecting them with like-minded peers before they even set foot on campus, we're aiming towards providing an exceptional student experience. We believe that by creating a sense of belonging and facilitating integration and friendships, we can prevent feelings of isolation and help each student thrive both socially and later academically. We're excited to welcome Tampere University to the Goin family!

Tampere University is a community of 21,000 students and over 4,000 staff members. The University was created in 2019 through a merger between the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The university has seven faculties where almost all internationally recognized fields of study are represented. In February, we had the opportunity to meet with the Tampere team in preparation for kicking off this exciting new partnership! It was a pleasure visiting such an amazing city!

We look forward to welcoming the future students to the Goin’ community this year!

The City of Tampere

Success Stories by students throughout the Goin' community

One thing we find important is that students feel welcomed and ready to start their university life. What better to show how we are impacting students then by showcasing this is hearing from some of the students themselves!

Alvaro - As an international student, it really helped me get in contact with fellow students and to be completely honest it definitely saved my life a couple of times before arriving! It helped me talk to the others students and ask questions about the university, the city, the country and much more. Moreover, some of my first friends here I found through Goin’!

Sascha - Connecting international students with each other even prior to the semester is really open-minded and helpful. It may not be easy to identify fellow exchange students just on campus but here you may start the conversation and not feel isolated or left out. Thank you for helping so many of us!

Julija - As an introvert, I'm often scared of how I will or will not be able to connect with people in new settings, like an international exchange student. To see even a few people who are going through the same process as I am really helps me feel less alone and gives me a chance to make a few connections before I even get to the city!

We look forward to hear what the students' of Tampere have to say about Goin'' :) 

Who are we?

We want to create meaningful social opportunities for students to make them more successful in life. Moreover, the future of education is hybrid. For Gen Z, the hybrid experience is not new at all and hybrid friendships have been around for years. At Goin' we improve the hybrid student experience by connecting your students the ethical way. A student-led way, effective in establishing meaningful hybrid friendships at your university to make students more successful in life.

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