Fostering Connections and Empowering Student Success

At Goin', we strive to create a vibrant experience for students as they embark on their university journey by encouraging valuable connections and a sense of belonging. We champion the idea that friendships and community have the power to inspire, motivate, and help students succeed in their academic endeavors. In collaboration with our valued partner, Antwerp University, we are committed to bridging the gap between the excitement of receiving an admission letter and the start of studies, making the transition smoother for students. Our innovative friendship software helps students from diverse backgrounds find and build connections with fellow Antwerp University peers, even before they step foot on campus.

Parul Gorel -  International Students Office at the University of Antwerp

"As the International Students Office of the University of Antwerp, we are happy to partner with Goin' in creating a social community for our international students. Connecting students prior to their arrival is crucial in easing their transition and making them feel at home. We chose Goin' in 2022 for its innovative peer-to-peer onboarding app. Its user-friendly interface and customisable features allow for a personalized experience. We are excited to see the positive impact on students and their overall university experience in the last year and look forward to continuing this partnership.”

Student Testimonials at Antwerp

The testimonials highlight the positive impact of Goin' in facilitating connections and alleviating concerns for international students at Antwerp University. The app provides a platform for students to connect with future classmates, exchange information, and build friendships even before arriving on campus. It addresses the common apprehension of making friends in a new country, creating a supportive community that eases the transition and fosters a sense of belonging. Have a read of some, from the hundreds of students on the platform!

Knowing who will share this experience with you and talking to them in advance made me even more eager to start the journey but also, and more importantly, less anxious about not knowing anyone in Antwerp. The main thing that I believe stresses international students when it comes to studying in another country is if they will be able to make friends. This initiative gets rid of that apprehension so I am really grateful for it! - Aya

Really do love this app a lot!  It has been super useful. It allows me to connect with future classmates and international schoolmates to discuss about various topics such as finding accommodations, visa, or just making new friends in general. I believe because of this app, it makes us more comfortable with one another before we even meet one another in person."

"It's a wonderful idea to connect with everyone else, as it takes the edge of not knowing who you will be with, and helps everyone get to know each other from the safety of their homes. The app can help in sharing experiences with others, sharing information, connecting with everyone based on interests, which is always a bonus. It is really refreshing to know that there are systems in place that care for the students and see them more than financial assets. So I appreciate connecting together and providing us with a space to connect" William

"There is a group for my masters where people are exchanging experiences and I already met a few classmates. In my case, I don't have any contact in Antwerp so it makes me feel relieved, while sharing the same situations with others!" - Claudia

"I really appreciate the idea of Goin'. It really helps with the pre-arrival period for the international students like me. The opportunity to communicate and meet with other students eases the pressure of moving abroad. Sharing and talking about similar difficulties during this process makes me more relieved." - Tabeng

"For foreign students who find it hard to connect with people after moving to a new country, having platforms like this is great. I like that it has features like "groups" focusing on housing and other topics. This way students can get an idea of how life in Antwerp is before even moving there. The map feature is also quite nice!" - Mikael

"I feel it's a great initiative for students like me who are going to start university soon. I was nervous about the whole situation but connecting with people who are already going to the same university or studying the same course gives me a sense of relief!" - Nimrat

Final thoughts on Goin' to Antwerp

By creating a vibrant social community, the platform enables international students to connect with their future classmates, exchange valuable information, and build friendships even before setting foot on campus. The testimonials from students highlight the app's ability to alleviate concerns about making friends in a new country, providing a sense of relief and excitement as they embark on their university journey. Goin' not only eases the transition for students but also creates a supportive environment that enhances their overall university experience. With continuous efforts to uplift the community, Antwerp University and Goin' continues to bridge the gap between admission and the start of studies, helping students feel at home and connected in their new academic environment. Standing as a testament to the power of community and the positive impact it can have on student success.

We look forward to see how new students will transform their onboarding experience before goin' to Antwerp University!

Who are we?

Goin’ is a zero-effort social community platform for universities. Connecting your students in an innovative, effortless, and ethical way. In a world where education and life are more hybrid than ever before, facilitating online friendships is essential for a university to provide students with the best social student experience. Keen to know more? You can also reach us via the buttons on the website or drop an email to

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