At Goin', we strive to create a vibrant experience for students as they embark on their university journey by encouraging valuable connections and a sense of belonging. We champion the idea that friendships and community have the power to inspire, motivate, and help students succeed in their academic endeavors. In collaboration with our valued partner, Antwerp University, we are committed to bridging the gap between the excitement of receiving an admission letter and the start of studies, making the transition smoother for students. Our innovative friendship software helps students from diverse backgrounds find and build connections with fellow Antwerp University peers, even before they step foot on campus.

As the International Students Office of the University of Antwerp, we are happy to partner with Goin' in creating a social community for our international students. Connecting students prior to their arrival is crucial in easing their transition and making them feel at home. We chose Goin' in 2022 for its innovative peer-to-peer onboarding app. Its user-friendly interface and customisable features allow for a personalized experience. We are excited to see the positive impact on students and their overall university experience in the last year and look forward to continuing this partnership.”

"I believe that we are connected much better now, which is good for us before starting the school year. I was initially worried about finding a part time job without knowing Dutch in Antwerp, but some friends on Goin’ told me that it would be okay and English could be used to find a part-time job. So, I was so glad to hear that. Thanks to this app, I can ask and discuss many things with other students!" - Tracey (25) - From Vietnam, Studying Social Economic Sciences”

"I really wanted to connect with people from my bachelor's degree. Thanks to Goin’ , I've already found some of my future classmates and we discussed many aspects of this new experience, like part-time jobs or rent." - Olivia (18) - From Romainia, Studying Social-Economic Sciences

"It’s really cool and I’ve managed to get in touch with future colleagues of my course! It’s nice that we can link to people coming from the same country or that are going to study the same thing and we can help each other with housing, finding friends and other practical activities."

"It's a wonderful idea to connect with everyone else, as it takes the edge of not knowing who you will be with, and helps everyone get to know each other from the safety of their homes. The app can help in sharing experiences with others, sharing information, connecting with everyone based on interests, which is always a bonus. It is really refreshing to know that there are systems in place that care for the students and see them more than financial assets. So I appreciate connecting together and providing us with a space to connect" William (27) - From Lebanon, Studying Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

"There is a group for my masters where people are exchanging experiences and I already met a few classmates. In my case, I don't have any contact in Antwerp so it makes me feel relieved, while sharing the same situations with others!" cLAUDIA (31) - fROM pERU, sTUDYING ePIDEMIOLOGY

Knowing who will share this experience with you and talking to them in advance made me even more eager to start the journey but also, and more importantly, less anxious about not knowing anyone in Antwerp. The main thing that I believe stresses international students when it comes to studying in another country is if they will be able to make friends. This initiative gets rid of that apprehension so I am really grateful for it! aYA (22) - From mOROCCO, Studying Business Engineering: Financial Engineering

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