In 2022, The Hertie School and Goin’ have been collaborating for to provide a unique and exciting experience for the students in Berlin. After a successful year connecting students that are goin’ to Berlin, we reached out to Shradda Vaseduven, Student Recruitment at Hertie School, to hear her view on providing an engaging student-led community!

Shradda Vasudevan, Student Recruitment at Hertie School

“What makes us excited about building a social community at Hertie is the potential for change that such a community can create. To fulfil our university motto, “Understand today, shape tomorrow”,  it is essential to build a sense of camaraderie, team works and friendship among students which in order to create impact.”

“I think it is important to connect student before arriving on campus, because this allows students to explore their potential community and make use of resources brought to the table from across the world. It also generates a sense of anticipation and excitement among admits who will potentially meet at university, after they have connected via Goin’. Goin’ allows for connections globally, which helps to kindle the growth of the Hertie Community (or #HertieLove) early on.”

“We decided to choose Goin’ as we believe that it is a unique platform that offers an intuitive, user-friendly networking experience for our admitted students to make friends, create groups, and explore activities once they arrive in Berlin. Building meaningful relations is crucial for our journey here at the Hertie School.”


At Goin’, We couldn’t be more happy to hear such news, and even more  excited to continue our endeavours in creating an uplifting community in Berlin.

Hertie School Community is Goin’

We want to ensure that our platform is providing the best possible experience for the students, so what better way to know than by reaching out to them directly! Here are some of the abundant responses we’ve gotten by the student community at Hertie School!

Alvaro, from Colombia - “As an international student, it really helped me get in contact with fellow Hertie students and to be completely honest it definitely saved my life a couple of times before arriving! It helped me talk to the others students and ask questions about Hertie, Berlin, Germany, and much more. Moreover, some of my first friends here I found through Goin’!”

Maria, from Ukraine - "I like that you can find people enrolled in the same program with you and immediately find out some things about them in the description. Also I liked that you can find people from the same country as you. I was very relieved that I am not the only student from Ukraine here!"

Shubhankar, from India - “Connecting before moving abroad to college with future cohorts is a great opportunity. Talking with them makes you more comfortable for the coming ride! I have made connections with a lot of people and it’s been very helpful!”

Yeishita, from India - "Personally, it helped me to get started with my whole journey of moving abroad. The first time I connected with a fellow incoming student was on this platform! So I am very glad I found all of my fellow classmates here! Also, the housing groups and social ones are going to  prove to be super helpful!"

Assia, from Italy - "I think it’s a great idea to meet your future colleagues and to exchange information on critical issues such as housing for example!"

Who are we?

Goin’ is a zero-effort social community platform for universities. Connecting your students in an innovative, effortless, and ethical way. In a world where education and life are more hybrid than ever before, facilitating online friendships is essential for a university to provide students with the best social student experience. Keen to know more? You can also reach us via the buttons on the website or drop an email to

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