The Polytechnic of Turin will join Goin Connect’s community, which has partnerships with over 60 universities in Europe. The collaboration will involve the creation of a dedicated student community for POLITO’s future students facilitating their interaction with like-minded peers before their arrival at the university and consequently providing an outstanding student experience for domestic and international students.  

The Polytechnic of Turin is the first engineering school in Italy, founded on the wave of renewal of the technical-scientific culture which saw the birth of the most prestigious European polytechnics in the mid-nineteenth century. Born in 1859 as an Application School for Engineers, in 1906 it became the Royal Polytechnic of Turin. Established over 160 years, the Politecnico di Torino - with rigor, integrity and according to high quality standards - has been training professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, design and territorial planning.

A long process in constant evolution, which has accredited the University among the best European technical universities for training and research, with over 37,000 male and female students and an academic body of around 1,000 teachers.

At Goin' we are proud of this partnership and are extremely pleased to see that The Polytechnic of Turin is sensitive about important topics such as wellbeing, inclusion, integration and student experience. We look forward to welcoming current and future students to the Goin’ community this year!

Who are we?

We want to create meaningful social opportunities for students to make them more successful in life. The future of education is hybrid. For Gen Z, the hybrid experience is not new at all and hybrid friendships have been around for years. At Goin' we improve the hybrid student experience by connecting your students the ethical way. A student-led way, effective in establishing meaningful hybrid friendships at your university to make students more successful in life.

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