A recent study highlighted that 83% of students now expect to have made friendships even before they set foot on a university campus. This evolving need for early connections has prompted universities to adapt, emphasising the importance of building a sense of community right at an early stage. The effective use of digital technologies by uni’s is proving crucial in preparing students for their new journey.

The importance of early connections is underscored by recent findings. Both students and staff recognize technology's potential in nurturing valuable relationships. Yet, there's room for improvement. A concerning 27% of students feel their universities use outdated tech, while 44% are frustrated by juggling multiple apps for important information. Addressing this demand, Goin' emerges as a pioneering solution, dedicated to helping international students create meaningful friendships as they start on their educational journey.

A Community for Students, Led By Students

Navigating the uncharted territory of a new academic environment can be overwhelming for students. From the moment they receive their university acceptance letter to the first day on campus, a mix of excitement and anxiety fills this transitional period. In times like these, having a familiar face or a friend to provide comfort and guidance can make a significant difference.

Goin' steps in as a student-centric platform, offering a wide array of community groups to cater to diverse interests and needs. Whether it's information about the city, job opportunities, housing, sports, or specialized communities like Family Housing for students relocating with their parents, religious groups, or travel companions for those departing from the same country, Goin' provides a space where students can easily find what they seek. This inclusive approach ensures that all students, no matter their background or unique circumstances, can feel comfortable and supported as they embark on this new phase of their academic journey.

What truly distinguishes Goin' is its commitment to nurturing genuine connections among users. Through the use of intelligent matchmaking, the platform brings students together with peers who share similar interests, backgrounds, and experiences. This personalized approach ensures that no student starts their transformative journey feeling isolated.

The Goin’ Experience

The feedback from students from Utrecht University, Hertie School and Radboud University using the platform speaks volumes:

📚 "I genuinely believe it helps students, especially those who haven't travelled extensively, to connect and build a network even before they arrive at their new academic destination."

🌟 "As international students, adapting to a new place can be challenging, but Goin' makes it easier by helping us find like-minded people. Conversations with fellow students reassure me that I won't be lonely when I move to study abroad."

🗣 "We get to connect with others who are in the same boat, which significantly eases the feeling of loneliness in this journey. We support each other and come together to navigate the entire process."

Looking To The Future

In a continuously evolving academic world, Goin' stands as an example of the important role that digital platforms play in nurturing authentic friendships among students. It addresses students' immediate needs during a somewhat uncertain time, making the transition into the academic world smoother and more enriching. With Goin', international students can begin their educational journeys with a network of friends and a support system that truly understands their unique experiences and aspirations. We're here to ensure those expectations for early connections are met with a friendly and supportive digital hand.

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