When we say "zero-effort", we really mean it.

In the HigherEd market, the term 'zero-effort' often gets tossed around loosely, sometimes even losing its true essence amongst aggressive marketing tactics. This problem arises from misaligned business models, which convert what should be a straight forward process into a labor-intensive task for clients. Consider this: a university recruitment team already juggles numerous responsibilities. Adding another complex tool to the mix only compounds their challenges.

At Goin', our goal is different.

We prioritize the best interests of your students and staff, aiming for a memorable student experience coupled with easy implementation. So when we say 'zero-effort,' it comes from a place of genuine commitment to ease and efficiency.

Here's how we ensure this:

Onboarding: Our Customer Success team is dedicated to guiding you with best practices, ensuring a smooth and informed start.

Setting Up Your Community: With just a few specifications from you, we craft a dynamic and engaging space tailored for your students.

Activating Students: We take the lead in communicating with students, using smart matchmaking to integrate them into the community effortlessly.

Moderation: Our intelligent algorithms and expert team handle moderation, creating positive interactions and a thriving community environment without requiring heavy oversight from your side

What some of our partners say about Goin'

"Being able to speak with their future class-mates allows them to feel part of our community. The fact that the app is self-managing makes it a win-win for our marketing team!"

- Daphna Berger-Brightwell: International Marketing & Recruitment at Utrecht University

"The platform is really easy to use and requires minimal investment in time and resource from the university. It keeps students excited about joining their university."

- Neil Green: Head of International Student Recruitment at University College London (UCL)

"Goin' is a huge help for the university. It helps in our conversion rates, integration and student happiness. I especially like it's a self-managing system as we can use the current community constantly to engage new admitted students, without any efforts from our side."

- Joachim Ekström: Head of Student Recruitment ay Uppsala University

Our approach is designed to offload your team, allowing you to nurture a successful, active, and enthusiastic student community, ready to start and stay engaged.

Interested in a truly zero-effort solution for building a vibrant student community? Let's discuss how Goin' can make a difference at your university. Learn more at www.goincommunity.com.

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