The Shift in Student Engagement Pre-Arrival

As universities strive to attract and retain new degree students, the pre-arrival phase has become an interesting battleground. Traditional engagement methods are being outpaced by the need for more interactive and digital-friendly approaches. Gamification has emerged as a revolutionary approach, blending entertainment with education to captivate the tech-savvy generation. It's an innovative way to not just attract but also retain student attention, especially crucial in the pre-arrival phase.

Understanding Gamification in Higher Education

Gamification isn’t entirely playing games without explicit purpose, it involves integrating game mechanics into the educational context to boost student engagement and motivation. For new degree students, this means transforming their initial interaction with the university into an engaging journey. It's about creating an interactive experience that captures and retains their attention, setting a positive tone for their educational journey. 

The Power of Gamification for Pre-Arrival Students

With pre-arrival students, they face unique challenges, from uncertainties about their new environment to the lack of a tangible university community. Gamification helps bridge these gaps. Interactive elements like virtual tours, achievement milestones, and social connection games can ease their anxieties, provide valuable information, and nurture a sense of community even before they set foot on campus. This approach helps demystify the university experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable for incoming students.

Goin’s Role in Elevating Pre-Arrival Engagement

Goin's Gamification at a glance

Goin' leverages gamification to enhance the pre-arrival experience for new degree students. Our community platform transforms mundane pre-arrival tasks into exciting challenges, encouraging students to engage with various aspects of university life before they arrive on campus. Students earn badges for completing tasks like exploring campus resources, connecting with future classmates, and participating in like-minded groups. It prepares them for their university life but also introduces a sense of achievement and belonging. 

The impact of these gamified elements is compounded over time. Each task completed and badge earned by a student contributes to a larger sense of community and engagement. As more students participate and interact, the network becomes increasingly vibrant and supportive. We've seen that Goin' Communities are generating 20x higher engagement than other alternative platforms. This compounding effect creates a dynamic environment where students are not just prepared academically, but are also socially integrated and ready to thrive in their new university setting.

Gamification as the Future of Student Onboarding

In the time where digital engagement is predominant, gamification stands out as an innovative and effective strategy in higher education, especially in the pre-arrival phase for new degree students. Through platforms like Goin', universities can provide a dynamic and immersive pre-arrival experience, ensuring students start their academic journey on a high note. Gamification isn’t an option, it's becoming a necessity for modern universities aiming to create a lasting impression on their future students.

Connecting your Students

Goin' is reshaping student connectivity in higher education. Our pioneering software is designed to connect students even before they arrive on campus, leveraging "Community Recruitment" and AI-enhanced services. More than a recruitment tool, Goin' facilitates vibrant student communities where collaborative support and fun engagement shape students' futures. At Goin', we recognize the true value of a community-driven approach, ensuring every student feels connected and valued. This ambition is reflected in our platform's recognition, with over 1 million community messages exchanged monthly, we are leading the way as the largest student community platform in Higher Education.

Elevate your student experience while boosting conversion and retention rates. Discover the transformative impact Goin' can have on your university community. 

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