Streamlining the onboard process at Halmstad

The primary goal of the collaboration is to convert admitted students into registered students, ultimately increasing student retention rates. By offering Goin' Connect, Halmstad University provides a unique opportunity for newly admitted students to connect with current students, tap into their valuable insights, and gain a deeper understanding of what awaits them in their educational journey. This interactive and inclusive approach empowers students to make informed decisions and ensures a positive start to their study experience at Halmstad University.

Halmstad University's experience with the onboarding process has been exceptional. Goin' facilitated a smooth and efficient transition, ensuring that the university's environment was prioritized and tailored to their specific needs. With the support of their dedicated Goin' contact, Halmstad University seamlessly integrated the platform into their student engagement strategy, reducing administrative burdens and allowing staff to focus on other crucial tasks.

As Halmstad University embarks on this transformative collaboration, they are confident in recommending Goin' to other universities. The platform's emphasis on the soft values of recruitment and marketing, prioritizing student support and engagement, sets it apart from other initiatives. Goin' serves as a valuable tool, enabling universities to offer personalized support and guidance to students without significant internal resource investments. It fosters human connections, facilitates information sharing, and prepares students for their exciting educational journey.

Helena's thoughts on Goin'

Helena Bengtsson - International Communications Officer at Halmstad University

"I work as an International Communications Officer at Halmstad University. It’s a broad position where I am involved in the full process from recruitment of international students all the way to their registration and study start.

"We sincerely hope and believe that Goin' can be a safe place for newly admitted students to discuss challenges or concern they might have prior to making their decisions of studying abroad. There are so much more to studying abroad than the studies. It’s a new life that awaits them, and of course that is a big decision to take, and you would like to have as much information as possible from students who have been on this journey before."

"I think it is a great tool which focuses on the soft values compared to many other initiatives when it comes to recruitment and marketing. It is a service for our students that enables them to feel safe and prepared while making a very big decision in their life. We want to support our students in every way possible, and Goin’ has been a simple solution for us to offer this support without investing in more resources internally."

Student Testimonials at Halmstad

Several students share their positive experiences with Goin' and its impact on their transition to Halmstad University. They emphasize the joy of connecting with future course mates, the value of information exchange, and the opportunity to settle into their new life with ease.

“Goin’ is a wonderful platform which enables us to know our course mates and equally know other people. Human interaction is very vital in our lives. We get to know people and learn new things. I believe through this platform, many international students will be able to get the necessary information from others as regards to their study and life in Sweden.” - Francis 

“I love getting to know my future course mates before meeting them in person. With information received from the current students, one won’t be a total stranger to the new learning environment.” - Umoh

“I can easily get information about all things related to the university and connect with new people. The app is really helpful for new students to connect with each other.” - Raval

“It’s really helpful as we can connect with students who are participating in the same course. So it’s really nice to share details before we move to Sweden and clarify any details.” - Dinesh

“Goin’ gives people the opportunity to ask and receive information which I think is important. I have been working for a very long time in Sweden and I have decided to study something new. This app gives me an opportunity to meet people and help them with information which I think can help them settle easily here.” - Christopher

Final thoughts before Goin' to Halmstad

Universities are constantly seeking innovative solutions to engage and support their students. Halmstad University, renowned for its commitment to student success, has embarked on an exciting partnership with Goin'. This collaboration aims to address the needs of their international student community, providing them with a safe and vibrant platform to connect, exchange information, and foster a sense of belonging. Halmstad University's partnership with Goin' exemplifies their commitment to student success and holistic support. Through this collaboration, Halmstad University is set to enhance the student experience and convert admitted students into registered students.

With that, we look forward to see what more exciting insights we are able to discover this summer :)

Who are we?

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