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Thank you for reading the user code of conduct of the Goin´ platform. As a social networking platform, we are aware of the responsibility we carry to create a safe environment for all our users as much as possible. The aim of this conduct is to provide guidance to the Goin’ users on tolerated and non-tolerated behaviour. First, we will assess Goin’s core values on user behaviour: Goin’s 5 R’s. Second, we will elaborate on non-tolerated behaviour and the corresponding actions that we as a company will take. Although we do the best we can to make our platform as ethical as possible, we are also aware that not every situation can be overcome via this code of conduct. Therefore, we expressively ask our users to use common sense and empathy before pressing the send button, always ask yourself the following question: “How could other people feel when reading this message?” Next, it is important to notice that this code of conduct exists next to our privacy statement our user terms and conditions and, our data ethics policy

Our core values: Goin’s 5 R’s

In order to provide guidance on decisions, rules or actions mentioned in this code of conduct, we make use of the Goin’s 5 R’s. ‘Rapport, Respect, Rationality, Responsibility and Reasonability’ run like a thread through this code of conduct and should be considered by every user at any time. We will assess every ‘R’ individually. We would like to encourage users to report every form of behaviour that are in conflict or might be in conflict with Goin’s 5 R’s.


In social situations, like socializing on an online platform, empathy is one of the most important human abilities. We are convinced that the ability to understand other people’s feeling and the ability to imagine how something could feel for other people is the starting point of a pleasant and safe experience on our platform.


We are all different, especially in an international context, luckily. Due to our differences, we might not understand each other that well in every situation. However, we can always form respect for each other’s opinions, cultural background, rituals or whatever differences we are talking about. The only thing we have to do is having regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others. On the Goin’ platform, we are all very different as we come from all over the world. In every case, one should respect distinctions and try to step out of the circle of own cultural norms, values and social rules.


The ability to understand each other starts by using reason or common sense. As we facilitate international services for higher education institutions, we can assume that every user has the ability to think and use common sense. Therefore, we ask users in every case to think before acting and taking differences or other points of view into account. Also, as a user, question yourself what battles are worth to fight. Goin’ is a platform to make friends before starting your studies, so put all your effort in making friends and ensuring you will have the best experience ever at your university.


We are all active on the Goin’ platform because we want to build connections at our (new) university, we all want to make use of the value of the platform. To make sure you will get the most valuable experience possible, we ask you to take your own responsibility for the community as well. According to us, acting responsibly entails a good judgment of acts on the Goin’ platform, the ability to act correctly and be guardian for a warm community where people feel welcome. We distinct two forms of responsibility: individual responsibility and community responsibility. Individual responsibility is all about own actions and deeds. Community responsibility is taking the value of a friendly community into account and taking action when undesired behaviour takes place to other Goin’ users. Responsibility is all about acting correctly and not closing your eyes.


When making use of the Goin’ platform, we expect users to act like reasonable people. At Goin’ we think that most importantly, reasonable people have sound judgement, are fair and sensible while taking the effort to think beyond their personal or cultural borders.

The Goin’ Rules and Protocols

At Goin’, we want to make sure every user feels safe and can make the best out of the Goin’ experience. Therefore, we conducted rules and protocols to protect users as well as universities. Users should be aware that behaviour in the online world could have consequences in the physical world. Therefore, every user should agree with the Code of Conduct before creating a profile on the platform. At Goin’, we categorize behaviour based on level of seriousness of the act. The level of seriousness will determine the consequences we will attach to the act.

  1. General norm of conduct

As a general norm of conduct, an act can be considered unacceptable if a rational and reasonable person would be doubtful about whether some act could be objectionable or not.

2. The Assessment Committee of Ethical Behaviour and User Protection

Every decision within this code of conduct will be made by the Assessment Committee of Ethical Behaviour and User Protection (ACEUP), the ACEUP is an internal organ of the Goin’ company existing of different employees of all organizational layers. Goin’ has chosen for an internal ACEUP to prevent the necessity of sharing sensible data with third parties.

3. Categories based on level of seriousness

3.1 High level of seriousness (Category 1)
If an act is categorized as a high level of seriousness, a user will be blocked permanently as soon as possible and the university may be informed about the behaviour. The university can be provided with screenshots of the user’s behaviour if this is necessary for the burden of proof.

3.2 Moderate level of seriousness (Category 2)
If an act is categorized as a moderate level of seriousness, a user will be blocked as soon as possible. Goin’ will inform the user about the decision and the reason. Based on the nature of the conduct, it will be determined whether it will be a permanent blockage or a temporary blockage.

3.3 Low level of seriousness (Category 3)
If an act is categorized as a low level of seriousness, a user will receive a warning via e-mail or via the platform. When 3 times a category 3 conduct takes place by the same user, the latest user’s act can be considered a category 2 act.

3.4 Acceptable level of seriousness (Category 4)
If an act is categorized as acceptable, no consequences will be attached to the act.

4. User behaviour and its consequences
The ACEUP is ultimately responsible to the determine the category that fits with the conduct.

4.1 Category 1 conducts
Acts will be considered a category 1 conduct in the following cases:

4.2 Category 2 conducts
An act will be considered a category 2 conduct when the act is serious enough to block a user, permanently or temporary, as it highly creates a negative user experience. However, there is insufficient reason for a university to want to take knowledge of the act.

Examples of a category 2 conduct could be:

4.3 Category 3 conducts
An act will be considered a category 3 conduct when a conduct slightly lowers the user experience of other users but is objectively worth reporting by other users.

Examples of a category 3 conduct could be:

4.4 Category 4 conducts

An act will be considered a category 4 conduct if it does not fall into one of the categories above.

5. Right of appeal

A user can start an appeal process against decisions of the ACEUP. In case of an appeal, decisions will be made by an independent commission consisting of third parties such as students, university staff and data ethics experts. When making use of the right of appeal, the user accepts their file can be shared with this independent commission.

Thank you for reading this user code of conduct. Goin’ is delighted to have so many happy students on the platform and so many happy universities using our platform. Together we can make sure our platform remains a pleasant place, a place where we all act with ‘Rapport, Respect, Rationality, Responsibility and Reasonability’.

Best wishes,

The Goin’ Team