Ensure your students start & stay

Give students the opportunity to connect with each other to build communities that bridge the gap between admission and enrolment. This community building will boost your conversion from admission to enrolment, and also support the overall experience and wellbeing of your next cohort of students.


Increase conversion

Using our pre-arrival community platform we boost the number of admitted students that actually start their study at your university. On average only 17% of admitted students actually start. Have you thought about why the others don’t start? Students are much more likely to actually enroll at the university where they have social connections. Admitted students deserve more attention to make sure all your investments in marketing and recruitment have a higher return.


Boost retention

The number one reason why many students drop-out is a lack of social connections. By making sure that students build social connections before arrival we highly reduce drop-outs. Also, as students using Goin have a much better support structure to solve practical problems like housing and transportation, they are much more relaxed and comfortable and able to focus on getting a great start to their studies, becoming the successful students that can thrive at your university.


Increase student satisfaction

A new study is like a new start, it is an extremely exciting yet extremely challenging decision and life event especially for young people. This is a phase where students experience worries, insecurities and loneliness that extremely affect the student experience. We make sure students experience a warm welcome by providing them access to a vibrant pre-arrival community that enhances student integration, on-boarding and well-being.


Universities using Goin’


Minutes daily engagement time per user


Average number of connections per student before arrival



Happy students are your best ambassadors

You can be a game changer for your new students

A comfortable feeling

Practical P2P support


More fun!

A clear view of the uni through student experiences

A sense of belonging

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