Gothenburg September 2021: We are super proud to announce that we’re in! We will present at the 32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition. Goin’ is super proud that our client, Utrecht University, was so excited about the impact Goin’ made this year, they submitted Goin’ for a joint presentation about the concept and the results on the conference. Really looking forward to present at the EAIE together!

We will present the impact we’ve made on internationalization, conversion and student wellbeing. Together with Daphna Berger, Marketing specialist at one of our partners, Utrecht University, we will show the importance of community building for (international) students. Also, we will illustrate how to increase conversion rates, student integration and student wellbeing using a plug-and-play method.  

The EAIE is the organisation to promote internationalization in European education. We are very happy that the impact we’ve made on the European education system is being recognized by this party. Make sure you will save your spot once the timelines are clear so you can get to know how to increase conversion rates, retention and student wellbeing!

Submission text by Utrecht University
“In 2020 Goin’ had very special results at Utrecht University. For instance, students appeared to be happier, improved their study results, arrived with more confidence, found a room earlier while the University improved their international reputation and their conversion rates.

Utrecht University promoted Goin’ for its new cohort of international students 2020/21. The results exceeded the expectations. The platform has a clear added value before arrival, and remains relevant after arrival as well. For 2021/22 Utrecht University will continue to inform students about Goin’. Utrecht University values the fact that Goin’ is developed by students for students and all platform activities are student driven with little effort for the university but great results.

In the session at the EAIE conference you can see how Goin’ works and how Utrecht University makes use of the platform. The latest results of the 2021/22 cohort at Utrecht University will be shown as well.”

The 2021 EAIE Community Exchange: virtual conference and exhibition will take place 28 September–01 October.