Berlin, April 2021: Our most recent partner is Freie Universität Berlin (also known as the Free University of Berlin)! This German university is our latest partnership and they decided to join us in order to give their new students the chance to build their network, even before arrival! 

About the university

The Free University of Berlin is defined by three values: truth, justice and freedom. This stems from the idea of founding a free university, which has guided the university’s development based on the principles of freedom and internationality. The university wants to create openness and democracy and is always an open and safe space for its students.

Our partnership

While maintaining its core values, the Free University of Berlin wants to help students integrate and build their community before their arrival, to relieve them from extra stress that students usually encounter during introduction days. The university decided to collaborate with Goin’ next summer, to help its new students to get to know each other and adjust smoothly to their new environment. 

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