Brussels, April 2021: It is with great pleasure to announce our new partner, Haute École Lucia de Brouckére! They believe there is no better way to welcome their incoming students and help them integrate more easily to their new university than launching Goin’ for them as soon as next summer!

About the university

Haute Êcole Lucia de Brouckére is a higher Education Institution based in Brussels and welcomes over 1600 students each year. Their aim is to help students succeed in their academic and professional aspects, while providing continuous educational support. 

Our partnership

The university is dedicated towards building a stronger community for their students and a soft landing for their new students for the next semester. Their goal will be achieved by launching Goin’ in summer 2021, to help new students integrate in their new environment, while building their network! 

Interested in how Goin’ can improve student well-being, retention and conversion rates at your university? We are always open for a (virtual) cup of coffee, email us at to book a demo.