Utrecht, April 2021: We are excited to announce our new partnership with Utrecht University! This university aims to help its incoming students integrate more easily and it will launch Goin’ this summer for their incoming students. 

About the university

Utrecht University is dedicated to help bright minds create a better future for everyone. Their mission is to work towards a better world and they believe that together we give direction to necessary transformations. 

Our partnership

At the same time, Utrecht University believes it is important to help its incoming students by helping them adjust and integrate in their new city – Utrecht. To do so, they decided to collaborate with Goin’ in order to give the chance to new students to build their community and their network, while fostering a soft landing in their new student life. Goin’ will be launched in Utrecht University in summer 2021 and its new students will get to know each other even before their arrival!

The university decided to start building their community of international students, by catering to students’ well-being and helping them integrate even before arrival. This is what led them to collaborate with Goin’, so next summer incoming students will have the chance to get to know each other before arriving. 

Interested in how Goin’ can improve student well-being, retention and conversion rates at your university? We are always open for a (virtual) cup of coffee, email us at info@goinconnect.com to book a demo.